Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

"the unbalanced intellect"

Sarojini Naidu, indische Dichterin und Freiheitskämpferin (über ihre Zeit in Florenz)
One black night I stood in a garden with fireflies in my hair like darting restless stars caught in a mesh of darkness. It gave me a strange sensation, as if I were not human at all, but an elfin spirit. I wonder why these little things move me so deeply? It is because I have a most 'unbalanced intellect,' I suppose." Then, looking out on Florence, I cried, "God! how beautiful it is, and how glad I am that I am alive to-day!
"I too have learnt the subtle philosophy of living from moment to moment. Yes, it is a subtle philosophy, though it appears merely an epicurean doctrine: 'Eat, drink, and be merry, for to-morrow we die.' I have gone through so many yesterdays when I strove with Death that I have realised to its full the wisdom of that sentence; and it is to me not merely a figure of speech, but a literal fact. Any to-morrow I might die. It is scarcely two months since I came back from the grave: is it worth while to be anything but radiantly glad? Of all things that life or perhaps my temperament has given me I prize the gift of laughter as beyond price.""


  1. Super. Endlich auch was für Nichtmöpse! Und das an meinem Nichtgeburtstag! Vielen Dank Tweedle Dee!

  2. *haha* Abe gerne, Tweedle Dum! Du bekommst nun zu jedem Nicht-Geburtsag einen Beitrag, ist das nicht toll? Fast wie Nicht-Weihnachten und Nicht-Ostern zusammen ;)